Using bulk SMS campaigns to let the world know of your products or services is effective, efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective.However, strategy is always the key to succeeding in everything. This means that sending a text message without a plan can be disastrous to your business. Follow the outlined practices to make sure your bulk SMS campaign yields the expected results.

Register and maintain a sender ID consistency.

Your target audience needs to know who is reaching out. Make sure that you are consistent with your identity. This allows trust from the recipients and helps them recognize you whenever you send a message.

Section your audience

Divide your audience into segments based on their interests and preferences. This will help you send text messages that suit each segment’s needs and preferences.

Keep your messages concise.

Make your message short and clear, and. Show your offer and highlight the benefits. Be creative with your messaging and use catchy phrases to help your messages stand out in your recipient’s crowded inbox.

Monitor and analyze results.

Tail the performance of your SMS campaign by analyzing the delivery rate, click-through rates, open rates, conversions, and other relevant metrics. Evaluate your data and look for areas that need improvement and get a foundation on how to optimize yields of future campaigns.

Observe laid rules and regulations.

Do your due diligence on what is acceptable and not acceptable as text message content by available mobile network providers. Make sure you operate within the laws outlined to regulate SMS marketing.

Find the right timing and frequency.

Plan well on when and how often to text your audience. If you text frequently, your recipients might feel overwhelmed by the messages and opt out. If you text inconsistently, your recipients might forget about your brand. Find the balance. Be considerate of when to send the messages to avoid discouraging the recipient. Schedule your messages during working hours to increase the opening rate. Consider the optimum use of holidays and special days when most people are free.

Provide an opt-out option.

Include instructions on how a customer can opt out of receiving further messages. Respect their preferences and comply.

Give a clear call to action.

Be clear about what benefits your recipients enjoy if they act. A sense of urgency with an incentive can help increase clicks and conversion rates. For example, an offer, a code that will give them a discount, etc.SMS campaigns can be a rewarding tool for engagement and communication, but it is important to follow through with the guidelines to optimize the results.

Personalize your messages.

People feel important and appreciated when you recognize them at a personal level.Personalizing your messages increases the open rate. The more people open and read your messages, the more your brand gets known and the more they are likely to convert into customers or remain your customers (customer retention).

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