Make Your Communication Easier And Efficient

Connect to your customers with a mobile digital identity. We have built a simple and secure bulk sms, ussd and mpesa platform to help you grow your brand on mobile.

Enjoy our bulk sms offer of 0.3 KES per sms to all mobile networks. We provide free Mpesa integration to all our subscribed customers.

Why Choose Us ?

We help you grow a trusted brand with your customer

The small things matter, we understand how important that sms notification just-in-time means to your customer and to your biashara.

We provide reliable & sustainable communication channels

You don’t have to rob the bank for you to get a premium service. With us your are hooked for life!

We believe in simplicity

Let’s not lie, we at Mobi4Tech love sophistication, that’s why we have kept things simple for you and your techies!

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