Deploy your critical services on mobile networks

USSD is an interactive session service that works both on smart phones and feature (simple) phones with no internet requirement. They are installed on the network and not on user’s mobile device. USSD apps are instantly available to every subscriber once deployed to the network.

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Use Cases

Marketing Survey

USSD codes can be used by organization and companies to conduct market research or gather customer feedback. USSD is a technology that allows real-time two-way communication between mobile phones and the service provider’s computer systems.

Mobile Banking

USSD are used when one wants to check account balance, transfer money, or send banking alerts. They are convenient because they are fast. They are also efficient because they involve a mobile device.

Institutional Management

USSD codes can be used in hospitals or schools to track information data. They can also be used by delivery services for real-time tracking of delivery vehicles, reducing delivery times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Order Confirmation

The buyer can easily reach out to the seller to get information such as progress in shipping of a purchased product through USSD.


USSD offers a two-way communication. A sender can easily send a query and receive a response from the recipient in real time. This is efficient in saving resources such as time.

(Safaricom) TypeCost
Test BedKsh. 11,600.00
Set Up CostKsh. 118,320.00
Deposit FeeKsh. 34,800.00
Monthly FeeKsh. 63,000.00
(Airtel) TypeAmount (KES)
Test BedKsh. 0
Set up costKsh. 94,500
Deposit FeeKsh. 0
Monthly FeeKsh. 63,000
(Telkom) TypeAmount (KES)
Test BedKsh. 11,600
Set up costKsh. 50,400
Deposit FeeKsh. 0
Monthly FeeKsh. 63,000


Shared on SafaricomSet up costKsh.0
Shared on SafaricomMonthly FeeKsh.17,400.00